AND here’s the second part of our New York City adventure.. to be honest, while editing this video I got a litte emotional. It was simply the best trip ever, we did sooooo many amazing things and we had the time of our lives (despite the extreme cold) I reallly hope to come back very soon because I fell in love with NYC. There are many more posts about the city to come (including a BIG “hotspot” and “things to do”) and of course a couple of outfit posts are waiting for you! Keep an eye on the blog and in the meantime I really hope you liked this second part of the vlog! Don’t forget to watch the video in HD (right corner) and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel¬†here to stay up to date with my videos!

I’m off to the Ijhallen to sell a LOT and when I say a lot I mean a LOOOOOT of clothes, shoes, accessories and what not so if you’re around come and say hi!

Enjoy you Sunday!!

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