WHILE I’m preparing this post for you I’m listening to the sound of the rain against the window and I hear a siren of the police somewhere in the NYC streets. I’m pinching myself because I just can’t believe I’m finally here.. New York. My favourite city in the whole entire world with my boyfriend. We’re enjoying our time to the max! Thrilled we’re having another 5 days left to discover this gigantic city! The weather is going to be very rainy today so I think it’s the perfect moment to do some shopping! The weather is going to be better on Monday so then we are going to do the High Line and a LOT of other things. For now I really hope you liked this vlog, there is going to be a Part 2 which is hopefully going to be better! Please let me know if you like the “chatty” parts or if you like to see only the things we are doing without chatting to you! Because I’m a little bit confused and your opinions mean the world to me!

Have a great Sunday loves!

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