Warning: A LOT of giggling in this video. So I finally convinced Milan to film a “My Boyfriend Does my Make-Up” video! It took a long while and I can totally understand it must be very frightening to do the girlfriends make-up. It was such a fun video to make, the intro took us ages to film without laughing.

I think he really did a good job! It was a very (dark) smokey eye with quite a heavy lip, haha. But I’m very proud of him. Next time a bit more au naturel honey?

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Enjoy the video and have a lovely Sunday!



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  • Natasja

    Superleuk om te zien, hij heeft het er toch nog goed vanaf gebracht!

  • Sara Hadar (The Feminine Fox)

    this is so cute! I don’t think I could ever convince my boyfriend to do my makeup, lol.

  • Eatfashioneveryday

    Haha super leuke video! En inderdaad, hij heeft het nog best goed gedaan 😉

  • Meike Elzinga

    Kon dit niet kijken zonder stuk te gaan. Gewoon ge-wel-dig!

  • Lieke Biemans

    Wat een super leuk filmpje!! Echt heel leuk gedaan haha!! Xx

  • Connectedtofashion

    Dit is zoooo cute! Haha <3

  • Femke

    Echt een leuk filmpje! ?