In February I always loose my inspiration. I just don’t like this month in between winter and spring and just feel overall uninspired. I don’t know what to wear, what I want to show you guys on the blog because I want to show you inspirational content and that just doensn’t work when I don’t feel like that. Every year it’s the same story around this time of the year so it’s super important to pick myself up and do something about it!

So today I want to share with you some tips that really help me out:

1. Talk to someone about it / I always like to talk to my boyfriend when I feel like this. He always picks me up and helps me with a spontaneous brainstorm session. We talk about how to improve my blog, new possible content or collaborations and I always feel super inspired right after. It also really helps to talk with friends about it who doesn’t blog because they can come up with new fresh ideas I never ever thought about.

2. Plan a fun little trip / Nothing helps better to escape the office for a little while and go somewhere. It can be anything, a walk at the beach, a weekend getaway, a staycation you name it. A new city, or a walk at the beach really helps to clear my mind and to see things in a new perspective. Sometimes you need to recharge your battery in order to see things differently.

3. Brainstorm session / When you have cleared your mind after a peaceful walk or inspiring weekend away it is time to do something with it. Organize a brainstorm session. Just by yourself or with a friend (put some music on, a glass of wine maybe?) and pull out the magazines and notebooks. That way you can think of new catagories to add to the blog, or experiment with photography a little bit. Also some new ideas to syle you outfits. Why not go through your closet and try out new combinations. Make it a fun afternoon!

4. Pin it / Raise your hand If you love Pinterest and much as I do! I love love LOVE Pinterest and it’s a huge source of inspiration to me. I like to make little secret folders for outfit inspiration or photography in order to help me visualize a new style I want to try for my blog. It works for everything, whether it’s a new home or a kitchen upgrade you name it. But it really helps to make new ideas more clearly and to discover certain patterns. You see a lot of pink couches? Overknee boots you like to try out? Or a lot of polkadots? Time to do something with it!

Hope you liked these tips and hope I could help you out just a little bit. These 3 steps really helped me out and I’m writing a lot of new content (and videos) for you guys to see soon!


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  • Ilah

    Love these tips! Such a lovely blogpost! X


    • Thank you so much! hope it was helpful! X