Everybody needs relaxing time a.k.a “me time”. Me time is super important to me, after busy days at the office, staring at my screen all day answering emails, working on blogposts etc. I need some time to unwind and debrief. Sometimes I go the gym to focus on something else and break a sweat or I stay at home, take a warm bath and discover my new favorite app.

Powerful stories add an extra dimension to life – They can brighten our day, create a momentary diversion or turn a dull wait into a thrilling experience – Storytel

This weeks Tuesday Tip is Storytel. Storytel is the Netflix of the audiobooks, you have over a 1000 choices (Dutch and English) and almost works in the same way. For €10,- each month you get unlimited access to all the audiobooks. I only recently discovered this app and I have to say it enriched my life already. When I’m in bath or bed before bedtime it’s my time to totally relax and not think about my to-do list for tomorrow and listen to a beautiful story. Not only when I’m at home, I also love to use it while I travel. Or when I take a walk to my appointment. It’s just super convenient!

From exciting thrillers to romantic stories (old and new releases) and also meditation or mindfulness books which are perfect when you have problems sleeping. I have good news if you are interested to use this app, via this link you can try Storytel for free for 30 days! You won’t regret it.

Really wanted to share this tip with you guys, hope you liked this post and please let me know if you have any recommendations for books. I’m all ears 😉

Have a great day lovelies!

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