LAST weekend when the weather was dark, rainy and grey I secretly really enjoyed it.. Wanna know why? Because I finally got that ultimate relaxed feeling that I didn’t want to do anything besides being lazy and relaxed all day long!

10 things I love about a rainy lazy Sunday:

1. Like I said, the feeling of doing absolutely nothing because the weather is dark and grey gives me that ultimate relaxed feeling of staying home in my comfy clothes!
2. Discover new series, if I don’t like the one I’m starting with: Next! (or re-watch my old favorites like Friends or SATC)
3. Burning some candles, having a cup of tea and just enjoy the feeling of doing nothing!
4. Pampering time! Playing around with different face masks, hair masks, running a nice hot bath with a lot of oil.. Oh yeah!
5. Flipping through old photobooks, nothing better then to look at all those old pictures, the outfits and holidays! So much fun!
6. Organizing all my very important things like color coordinating my nail polish collection for example 😉
7. Ordering your favorite comfort food! My boyfrend and I never order food but when you are in a very very lazy mood why not make an exception!
8. Taking a nap in the middle of the day! Because being lazy is so exhausting…..
9. Finally read the pile of magazines or books!
10. Go to bed early again!

While typing this post I got really tired haha, normally I really like an active kind of weekend! But last Sunday was an exception! Hope you liked this kind of post! How would you describe your ultimate lazy Sunday?

Wish you all a great day!! 


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