When I’m in New York I feel the happiest. I can’t really pinpoint the exact reason, but I just feel really really happy. Maybe it’s the bubbling and buzzing vibe in the streets, the endless possibilities the city has to offer, the beautiful surroundings or the complete atmosphere? I don’t know, all I know is that it’s my favorite city in the world that inspires me so much and love to discover together with Milan. It would definitely be my dream to live there, even for just a little while. Who knows, a girl can dream right?

10 things I love about NYC and things I would highly recommend you should do when you are visiting the concrete jungle

1 / I have been in NYC in October, December and April and I would definitely pick April as the best month to travel to the big Apple. The city is in bloom, blossom everywhere (a.k.a instagram dream) the temperature is perfect not too warm or cold and you feel Spring in the air.

2 / Visit Smorgasburg. We went on a Sunday at Prospect Park in Brooklyn when the weather was SO nice (see for yourself in my VLOG here). It’s a food market with over 60 vendors, from ramen burgers to lobster rolls to Cactus lemonade.. it’s all there. The park is beautiful and atmosphere so relaxed, everybody is laying in grass enjoying some fresh food. Can we do this in Amsterdam please?

3 / When you book a hotel I would highly recommend to go somewhere around Madison Square Park and the Flatiron building. I think it’s the perfect location to stay because you are in de midst of everything. Soho is on walking distance just like central park. Besides the location is pretty perfect, so is the park. It’s like a Green oase in the middle of the city with a perfect view on all the skyscrapers and the beautiful flatiron building.

4 / Doughnuts all day, everyday. Nope, not good for your summer body progress but ohhh soooo gooood. Totally worth cheating a little bit and besides, you are not in NYC everyday right? The best one we had was at Dough. My favorite? Dulce de leche for sure.

5 / Walk along the highline and enjoy the perfect views. But make sure to go early! We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was super crowded. So start you morning there and have a big delicious lunch at Chelsea market afterwards.

6 / Spend the day at Williamsburg. What I would do to live there.. Just a short metro ride from Manhattan and totally worth it. Williamsburg is filled with the best shops, brunch and coffee places, restaurants you name it. My favorites? Start the day at Five Leaves with the best brunch you ever had, go shopping at Bedfort Avenue (one of my favorite shops there is CatBird, the delicate juwelry is devine) have a cocktail at the Wythe Hotel and enjoy the perfect view of Manhattan and have a yummy dinner at Lilia, an Italian restaurant that stole my heart. Aahhh, can I go back please?

7 / Central Park is a must visit, I don’t have to tell you that. But when the weather is nice and sunny make sure to rent a little row boat. So much fun and also very romantic (and super cheesy I know) You have an amazing view and it’s a nice thing to do to discover Central Park in a completely different way. (I also vlogged it)

8 / What I love about New York is the diversity of all the areas. Midtown is super crowded and quite overwhelming whereas Greenwich is super quite with smaller buildings and super relaxed and easy. New York just has it all! But if I had to choose one area where I would live it would definitely be Greenwich.. or Williamsburg.. Can’t choose!

9 / All those amazing brunch places.. I mean we were there a week and we couldn’t decide which ones we wanted to go! Some of my favorites are Five Leaves in Williamsburg, Little Collins in Midtown, By CHLOE in Greenwich, Jacks wife Freda and The Butchers Daughter in Soho.

10 / My favorite moment is the moment when you drive from the airport to the city and see the skyline.. It’s just magical, the excitement you are feeling and the adrenaline you get. It’s quite addictive.. When are we going back Milan? *Browsing skyscanner to look for a new ticket*

Hope you enjoyed this post! More NYC updates coming soon including lot’s of new outfits. Have a great day and speak tomorrow!

Xx Rosanna

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  • Super leuke post! X

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    Jaaa ik zal Lennart deze post even onder zijn neus houden 😉 We hopen dit jaar toch echt eindelijk eens naar NY te gaan.. Super foto’s! 🙂


  • I love this post! Thanks for the tips and I’ll certainly come back to this post when I leave for NYC one day… (hopefully!) 🙂 XX


  • Love it! Ik ga zeker eens kijken om een keer in April te gaan. Voorjaar in NYC lijkt me prachtig!

  • I live in NYC and your tips are spot on – definitely visit in spring or fall, one thing I love is that we have every season. Smorgasburg is THE BEST – I cannot wait to get back next year. Also, YESSSS to Dough donuts, they are my fave <3