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WHEN the postman delivered a very exciting package this morning I felt like a little girl who wanted to play with her new toy straight away.. I’m talking about my new lens! Not so very exciting if you’re not into photography but after usging my f/1.8 55mm lens for a couple of years it was time to step up my game and bought the f/1.4 50mm lens! And oh my.. what a difference it makes!! Started taking photo’s of my apartment so I thought, why not share them with you! So here some snapshots of my home sweet home! Including my little Black fluffball Lola, haha! I love a cosy home with lots of pillows, candles and pictures. I’m super lucky to have a boyfriends who doesn’t really care about interior (as long the walls aren’t Pink).

Hope you liked this post, wish you all a great day!!


p.s Going to pick up my birthday present later today…….


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