CAFE DE FLORE for a afternoon tea of their signature hot chocolate. You will find it in Saint Germain des Pres and is known for all the famous artists (painters and musicians) who came there. Ultimate Parisian place te visit!

Boulevard Saint-Germain 172

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MERCI concept store in Le Marais, you probably already know this place but it’s a must visit. You will find everything, from skincare (Aesop) to the most amazing fashion brands, accessories till cool stationary and interior design!

Boulevard Beaumarchais 111

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FLEUX another must of you love concept stores. Especially the interior items are on point, cool table dishes, stationary and posters. You will also find it at Le Marais!

Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie 39

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ALAIN DUCASSE… a.k.a the dream of every girl a.k.a chocolate heaven. Tried a few flavours and it’s insanely good and such a taste sensation. Think of chocolate wth passion fruit or seasalt and praline.. Yes I know, delicious..

Rue de la Roquette 40

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LAFAYETTE GOURMET It’s kind of a really chique foodhall type of idea. You can taste various different food, from sushi till steak and macarons till eclair (my new favourite thing in the world) definitely a must visit when you’re a foodlover like I am ūüėČ

Rue Provence 97

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GALERIES LA FAYETTE no need to explain I think right? But nonetheless a must during Christmas time! The beautiful decorated windows and of course the famous Christmas tree! Makes me want to hang my own Christmas tree upside down (don’t try this at home) Oh and don’t forget to go up to the roof terrace, most amazing view ever..

Boulevard Haussmann 40

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MA COCOTTE a cute restaurant where we had dinner the second night. It was a very romantic place with some live music, a really cute lady sang famous French songs and it was just a perfect night. I could imagine sitting there with my boyfriend! Phillipe Starck did the interior design and it looked really fancy and all!

106 Rue des Rosiers

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BRUNCH at Shangri-la Hotel where do I even begin.. This place was quite the experience.. something I haven’t experienced before. A hotel (which used to be a palace) where every single corner is breathtakingly beautiful. We had a little tour and had the apportunity to see the suites, just imagine the palace of Marie Antoinette and you get really close! The brunch is amazing and if you have something really special to celebrate or want to indulge it’s definitly worth the experience. I will dedicate a whole post about this Hotel on Friday! Too much pictures to share!

Avenue d’I√©na 10

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LADUREE how original Billie Rose, yes yes I know.. What else is new? But hey, when in Paris go to Laduree!

75 Avenue des Champs-√Člys√©es
21 Rue Bonaparte
16-18 Rue Royale

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WHOTEL This hotel is spot on, perfect location, very cool interior design, the best beds and sheets ever and just the whole experience! Very friendly and helpful staff and I wanted to move into my hotel room and lived happily ever after.. (I mean, that view!)

Rue Meyerbeer 4
Really hope liked this post, if you going to Paris this Christmas (or anytime of the year) you really have to check out these places! I had the time of my life last weekend and I really want to thank Paris J’taime for inviting me and introducing me to all of these fabulous places!

Have a great day and speak soon!!

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