WITH Blue Monday behind us I thought I’d share 10 things that boost my happines and probably will boost your happines too! With my busy lifestyle I really enjoy some good old “me” time, time to unwind from work, emails, meetings and things I need to do in general like cleaning my house and even the fun social things like meeting up with friends. I love seeing my friends, but sometimes I just really need to have a date with me, myself and I! (remember that song?)

10 things that boost my happines:
1. Run a nice hot bath or shower for a good ol’ pamper sesh. Next week there will be a post up what my favorite pamper products are so keep an eye on the blog!

2. Put on some comfy flanel pj’s, really recommend investing in a warm and soft pair of pajamas. I bought two really nice ones at Victoria’s Secret while I was in New York and it seriously is so comforting to wear around the house after a long hot shower!

3. Listen to uplifting or relaxing music you really really love. My music taste is all.over.the.place. and I will admit that I don’t have the best taste in music ever because I currently LOVE to listen to Taylor Swifts latest album (sorrynotsorry)
But I also really enjoy to listen to artists like Dotan or old jazz music, especially in the evening.

4. Candles. I think I easily burn 100 candles a week. Every evening when I’m home I love to turn on a lot of candles, the livingroom looks so romantic and cosy. Even during the day when it’s a dark and Grey day I love to lighten up the room with candles. Also treat yo self  on a nice scented candle every once and a while. Dyptique is the best in my opinion (but so expensive) Rituals also have amazing ones!

5. Teatime, make a warm cup of happiness with a piece of..

6. Chocolat!! Yes, instant happiness maker if you ask me. My favorite one is from Tony’s Chocolonely the Caramel with Seasalt.

7. Take the time to enjoy a good old book, something I don’t do as often as I would like unfortunately but my new resolution is to (at least) read 1 book a month! More about that resolution soon..

8. Watch your favorite episode of your favorite serie. Sex and the City will always be my nr.1 favorite, especially when I’m home alone! I have seen every single episode at least 20 times but still enjoy watching every single one of them!

9. Make a traveling bucket list. Something I secretly love to do is to browse the web looking for tickets and hotels to dream destinations. I seriously spend hours doing this, comparing tickets in different times of the year and stalking my boyfriend with screenshots of the tickets and locations I really want to go to. I’m always so tempted to press the BOOK NOW button!

10. Go to bed early. Something I say to myself every.single.morning but still struggling with because I’m too busy watching SATC or “booking” holidays. But when I go to bed early (for me early is around 11PM) I feel so much better and awake the next morning!
Wish you all a great day and speak soon! And remember, enjoy some me time every once and a while!


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