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FIRST of all, so sorry for being a bad bad bad blogger this month. I hate when I’m not able to post as regular as I would like (everyday) but this month I suffered from a “bloggers block”. Had a little identity crisis going on, didn’t know which direction I wanted to go with the blog and just needed some fresh new inspiration! But after a few inspirational meetings, conversations and reading a couple of articles (especially in the newest edtion of Dutch Vogue) I’m totally back again! Ready for the new season, with some new ideas, projects and some adjustments… Just wait and see ūüėČ

Friday I celebrated my twenty-something birthday (okay turned 26, can’t believe it myself) with a lovely breakfast, brunch and sushi dinner,¬†what else are you going to do when the weather sucks. It’s just the¬†perfect excuse to eat all day right?¬†And later that evening with a group of friends at our home with a lot of drinks and weird dance moves. So I had to recover from that this weekend! Had a great birthday and celebrated it yesterday with my family! Going to pick up my birthday present soon (hopefully tomorrow or wednesday) and I am SO EXCITED. Everybody gave me a giftvoucher for something I wanted to buy a long long time (I even dedicated a blogpost about it). Can you guess what it is? You will find out soon, I promise!

Wish you all a great week!!


I’m wearing

H&M Trend // Cardigan

Ganni // Sweater

Mango // Skirt

Adidas Original // Sneakers

Omybag // Bag


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