CANDLES ON, phone off, bathrobe on.. It’s time to relax and pamper yourself. I always make time for my pamper routine and try to create some time once a week. I can spend hours in my little bathroom taking a hot shower, use facemasks, pamper my skin, painting my nails and what not. So in this video I’m telling and showing you what my perfect pamper routine looks like! I tried the delicious products from the Douglas Home Spa range which are super soothing, help to relax, make your skin feeling super soft and smell lovely.

I think it’s really important to switch all you electronic devices off every once in a while. Just in order to focus on yourself and to relax. My 5 tips for an ultimate pamper routine are:

  1. Switch off your phone! No Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and what not. Grab a book you always wanted to read or a magazine that you normally use for home decor (I’m guilty!)
  2. Burn your favorite (scented) candles. The soft light will help you to relax and makes your home look and feel super cosy.
  3. Start off with a hot shower using your favorite products. I used the Home Spa line from Douglas and love the soothing smell of their Polynesian Dream line.
  4. Put on something super comfy. Your pj’s, a bathrobe, anything that’s nice and comfy!
  5. Make sure to have lot’s of tea, hot choco and your favorite snacks! In my case a bar of the Orange Tony Chocoloneley it is!

Then I paint my nails, use a facemask, hydrate my skin et voila! I feel like a new human being! Hope you enjoy the video!

p.s if you have ultimate tips for a perfect pamper night please feel free to share!

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