Last Friday afternoon I was busy editing the vlog about our trip to Paris. I was looking back on a fantastic time in a city we love so much, wandering around the beautiful streets and I couldn’t wait showing you the little video. I planned this vlog for you guys to see today, but after the terrible and shocking events last Friday night nothing seems more inappropriate than that. I am still in complete shock about what happened. I will save the video for another time, when it feels more appropriate.

Sending lot’s of love to all of those affected by the attack not only in Paris, but in the world.

Let Love Rule <3

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  • there are no words to describe these attacks. It’s not only about Paris but also for all these parts of the world who are suffering from such attacks that they even take place every day!!!! I have never been in Paris before but I am not afraid of going there.. I still want to visit this beautiful city and I think that your video will show how amazing the French capital is to the rest of your audience.. so looking forward to it!! 🙂

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  • echt verschrikkelijk wat er gebeurd is. moet een raar gevoel geven dat je er net geweest bent. Ik hoop dat je uiteindelijk de video upload, we zijn wel benieuwd natuurlijk :). Parijs blijft een mooie stad en de stad van de liefde. Dit moet zo blijven.

  • Thanks for your words and support. It’s not easy but we will go on and get stronger than before. We will always have Paris…

    Love from Paris