HOPE you all had an amazing start of 2017! Whether it was spend hungover on the couch binge watching Netflix (like in my case) or New Years drinks with family. Are you back to work today or still having a few days off?

Always hard to go back to reality after the holidays. Christmas is over, which is something I always look forward to and with the perspective Spring won’t start anytime soon I always get a little down. So, what to do to prevent that stupid feeling? Have something in perspective! A little get-away maybe? A shopping trip with friends? Burn your favorite scented candle and grab a book on the couch? Think about the small things that makes you really happy and treat yourself to those things or moments.

Milan and I are going to book a little trip to somewhere a bit more sunny. Madrid maybe? Or going back to our beloved Lisbon? Who knows, but I live for trips like these. 2016 was amazing traveling wise, we visited so many incredible places. Those memories are the best ones so hopefully 2017 is going to be just as good (or even better).

Every year I’d like to set some goals, or resolutions. Last year my biggest goals was to make a full-time job out of my blog and I’m super proud to achive my biggest goal. I have truly the best job in the world and I’m super excited to make 2017 even better for Billie Rose Blog! With lot’s of blogposts and video content on my YouTube channel.

So back to the goals, as I mentioned I want to post more personal posts on my blog and create 2 video’s a week on my YouTube channel and create cool, exciting new video content for you guys. Another goal is to think out of the box and do exactly what I want without questioning myself a hundred things first. Just do it! Also I need to be more kind to myself. Sometimes I get really insecure about not being good enough in my job. I blame the perfect Instagram world with girls having hundreds of thousands of followers in less than a year traveling the entire world. So my goal is to focus on myself more, count my blessings and be thankful for everything that’s happening in my life and get not distracted by the online world. I know this probably sounds ironic to you, but I will tell you more about this soon since I guess you perhaps feel the same way.

Furthermore I would love to change the standard things like practicing Yoga more often, eat healthier etc. But that’s kind of a weekly resolution every Sunday evening, haha 😉

Curious to read your goals for 2017! Also a BIG thank you for reading my blog and stopping by from time to time (or daily). I know reading blogs unfortunately is not a regular thing anymore nowadays compared to a few years ago. So I’m really thankful for your support, reading my posts and your sweet and motivating comments. Here’s to an amazing 2017 where I will share even more with you guys!

Lot’s of love,


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  • I feel January and February are such horrible months and we have to make sure we treat ourselves in those months, even if its just making sure we take a little time out of our day to relax! Your goals so achievable m’love! Don’t get down about your work either you do an amazing job!

    • Awh thank you so much Elizabeth!! That really means a lot to me, lot’s of love!! XX

  • Emma

    Thnks for sharing your thoughts, again so relatable! Vlogmas was so nice as well, the moments that you maybe find dull or boring to film are the most relatable and nice to watch for me! Keep up the good work, your blog makes me happy and inspired!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Emma, really made my day!! Lot’s of love! X

      • Emma

        Anytime! Little fun fact: my boyfriend laughs at me when I show him new clothes I bought that you personally recommended, such as the H&M trend oversized beige sweater I am going to live in, and he says oooo did you buy something Billie Rose has again? 🙂 So you sure are an inspiration!

  • You’re such an inspiration and there is no doubt about that! You may not have millions of followers on instagram but your feed is one of my favorites and it definetely deserves a lot more, but who cares?? I know that the bigger the numbers the bigger the money you get, because this is your job BUT you have so many loyal followers 🙂 (me included)! You create a great content always for your blog and the videos you make.. I wish your videos were in English (like your first ones) but it’s ok! 🙂 Keep it going…….. Xx Maria

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    Just do it is altijd een goed idee 😉

    Mooie post, Rosanna! Tot snel!


  • I’ve just discovered your blog! So glad I came across It 🙂 Happy new year! (Is it to far into January to still say that now?)