On this first Monday of the year I feel more productive than ever. Starting the new year with a clean slate with goals I want to accomplish and a spankin’ new workplace in the heart of Amsterdam. After spending the past 1,5 week  at home, with friends and family, partying and couch potato’ing (is that even a word?) it feels good to be back at work again. At an actual office to get sh*t done. Yes, I am excited about this new year. And with every new year there are new “resolutions” or goals to accomplish. I love to set up new goals for every new year, month, week or day. I don’t really believe in resolutions, but I love to set up new goals (which is actually the same thing but I like the word much better).

So what are my 2016 goals exactly?

– My blog is on my top priority list. I’m currently very busy working on new content, ideas, video’s etc. The blogging world is constantly emerging, so it’s super important to be on top of my game. I want to share new things besides the outfitpost etc.
– Have a strategy. My blog always has been my hobby, when I first started I had no clue you were able to make a full-time job out of it. Since I work on my blog full-time now it’s super important to have a strategy, set goals etc.
– Create more video content. I love YouTube, I watch it every single day. Creating new video’s is something I absolutely LOVE to do but it takes SO much time. I really want to work on creating 2 video’s a week and make a good video planning and be on top of my editing game.
– Find a photographer to help me out with my content creation. I want to provide you guys with a lot of good quality content so I’m looking for an intern! Super excited about this new step, will keep you guys updated about it!
– New and exciting collaborations with brands I really love, which is what I always do actually. I never work together with brands I don’t like. There are some new projects I can’t wait to share with you!
– Work on a new blog lay-out!

– Find a sport I really love to do. I’m going to try a boxing class later this week so fingers crossed this is giong to be something for me. Also practice Yoga more often.
– Take some time off the online world every now and then. Enjoy a walk outside without my phone or enjoy dinner and drinks with friend without my phone on the table. Take some time to relax. (and practice Yoga?)
Eat healthy but also enjoy a slice of pizza every now and then. It’s all about moderation.
– I really want to visit more concerts! I love to discover new artist and listen to new music.
– Read one book a month. Not just on holiday, ultimate relax mode and so SO good for you.

But above all enjoy every minute of every day with the people I love. Appreciate each day, the fact I’m healthy and young and to be able to have the best job in the world!

Do you have goals or resolutions for this new year?

xx Rosanna

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  • your new goals are simple and true but still require a TON of work! it seems though that you really love your work so it won’t be that difficult doing what you love!
    My biggest goal for 2016 is to finally graduate and move in the Netherlands to do my masters! ;D

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  • Laura Lama F.

    I wish you a beautiful year!


  • christina

    you are such an inspiration 🙂 xx from switzerland!

  • I cannot wait to see you follow up with your blogging goals this year, I would love to find someone who can take my blog photos for me, when it comes to outfit posts as I feel that’s where I fail with my blog and don’t enough, which sucks! I love your life goals too, I recently received a kindle for christmas and definitely want to make it through a book a month and if you have any book recommendations, send them my way!