IT’S crazy to see how some restaurants/bakeries/coffee places are all over Instagram all of the sudden. Especially Corner Bakery. I remember picking up my cappuccino and croissant there a couple of years ago before I went to work. A small bakery, super quite. Now it’s fully packed with unicorn milkshakes  and pancakes on the menu. Today I finally had the chance to grab brunch with Milan because I was super curious after seeing all those picture perfect pictures on the gram.

We ordered a delicious coffee which was really good. We didn’t go for the famous milkshakes because it was only 11 a.m but they looked spectacular! So next time I definitely want to try one of those. We also ordered the french toast with fresh fruit and the Mango Bowl. Both dishes looked very instagramable and were super delicious! Next time I want to order the rolls, which are sandwiches. Looked really tasty as well!

So I really recommend going to Corner Bakery. It’s located in Amsterdam South and very close by Museum Square! So perfect if you want to do some shopping or want to visit the P.C Hoofdstraat!

Corner Bakery
Johannes Vermeerstraat 40
1071 DS Amsterdam

Hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow I’m back with a new outfit post!

Enjoy your evening!

Xxxx Rosanna

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