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HAPPY Monday guys!! Despite the fact I’m a little bit allergic to mornings, I am always excited for a new week coming up! Do you recognize that feeling? I always have new resolutions, and a long to do list of things I want to do. Plenty of new ideas as well.. Today is a special day because my boyfriend and I are exaclty 8 years together! This morning we did our calculations because we we’re a little bit in shock it’s already 8 years ago we started dating. The good thing is that it doesn’t feel like 8 years, time flies when you’re having fun and I am so happy and lucky to have him in my life!

Ok, enough cheesy talk! Let’s chat about the outfit I’m wearing. My good friend and fellow blogger Sabine shot these pictures and as you can see we always have a lot of fun together while shooting. She always make me laugh and do silly things like: Now you move like Micheal Jackson, a Cat, Lady Gaga! And all of this in the busy streets of Amsterdam! Quite a challange for someone who’s a little bit uncomfortable when people are looking and starring. But really happy with the end result, thanks Sab!!

Hope you like the pictures and wish you a happy Monday!!
I’m wearing

H&M Trend // Coat

Zara // Jeans, Tee, Bag and necklace

Adidas // Sneakers

Saint laurent // Sunnies


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