image image image image image image imageI’m Wearing Lovestories Kimono and eyemask

The rain is ticking on the windows, and despite the fact I hate Grey rainy days, on a Sunday I secretly love it.. Well, sometimes. Just made us breakfast (creamy coconut oatmeal, so yummy) and a cup of tea and right now we’re just lounging around the house. Probably going to watch a serie or two (or three) and just relax.

When it’s this kind or weather I feel like I’m allowed to do nothing. I don’t feel obligated to do something out of the house. Which I love btw, don’t get me wrong, but today it’s the perfect day to be lazy!

How about you? Enjoy your Sunday lovelies!!


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  • Ah wat een leuke foto’s allemaal!

  • Rachel Sanders

    Love the print on your robe! It is gorgeous!

  • Your robe is lovely! and i absolutely love the brick wall in your bedroom! everyone (me) dreams of having one of those. I couldn’t agree more, enjoying a nice rainy sunday cosying inside, as much as I love spending days outside in the warmth and sun, theres nothing better then seeing that rainy weather and knowing you don’t have to venture out in it, just like how I’m spending my monday today!