I’m Living in Amsterdam for about 4 years now. I was born and raised in Utrecht, a lovely city in the heart of the Netherlands I love to visit every now and again. But I enjoy living in Amsterdam to the fullest. It’s an amazing city and here’s why..

TEN things I love about my hometown Amsterdam:

1. Big Village | Amsterdam is a big city but feels more like a big village. It can be very vey peaceful at the Jordaan district or East but also very busy and vibrant in the city center and I love that about Amsterdam.

2. Canals | The beautiful canals and to be able to spend the afternoon on a boat with friends cruising the water an enjoying the beaitiful views.

3. Something new to discover | Every weekend when my boyfriend and I wander around the city we discover something new. Whether it’s a cute coffee place, a concept store or the perfect little bench along the canals.

4. Park Life | When the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising everyone is spending these precious moments at one of the parks with friends, drinks and lot’s of food. These are the moments I’m longing for during Winter.

5. (Almost) Everything in walking distance | My boyfriend and I like to walk.. A lot! And in Amsterdam everything is in walking distance. Wandering around, with a cup of coffee without the need to go somewhere but just enjoy the journey. (omg I sound so philosophical)

6. Bike Life | This is actually very ironical because I don’t even own a bike at the moment!! But Amsterdam is a very bike friendly city and the most convenient way to transport yourself through the city (becareful though)

7. Flowers Flowers Flowers | If you’re following me on instagram you probably noticed I love flowers (which blogger doesn’t, right?) Amsterdam owns a lot of cute flowers shops and markets, I’m a happy girl!

8. The beautiful Architecture | The pretty Amsterdam facades are so unique and special in its kind, you will find it nowhere! (And they’re super Instagramable at well ;-))

9. Shopping | Amsterdam is getting better and better shopping wise! I love to visit the Heilige Weg to visit &Other Stories and All Saints or the Bijenkorf for some serious drooling time!

10. De Jordaan | This place is my favorite ever. So characteristic, quiet and truly beautiful. I love to wander around the small streets and enjoy the stunning views from one of the many bridges.

Going to share my favorite hotspots in Amsterdam soon, it’s about time right? Let me know if you would be intersted to see more post about lifestyle/travel.
Enjoy your day sweeties!!



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