YOU probably already saw it on your Instagram feed or on my YouTube channel but had to post it on my blog as well because: BIG NEWS!! Milan and I are expecting a little one in December and we are so incredibly happy, grateful, excited and a little nervous at the same time.

We found out on April 14th when we were in NYC, I remember vividly telling Milan who was patiently waiting on the bed. When I took the test I already saw the little Pink stripe and couldn’t wait to show Milan right after. We sat next to each other on the bed, staring out of the window.. we couldn’t believe it!

We talked about having kids the year before and started “trying” 6 months before I actually got pregnant so we knew the chance would be really big that one day we would have a positive test. Yet it felt so surreal, also because I (luckily) felt really really good and not different at all. So the next day we decided to do another test just to be sure.. We went to a Duane Read, popped in a Starbucks (so chic) and did the test which happened to be positive again!

I have to say the next few days I lived on a little cloud, we were in NYC but my mind was somewhere completely else. Our first ultra sound was super nerve-racking because I didn’t know what to expect and hoped everything was fine, but when we saw that little heart pounding really fast the nerves made place for pure happiness. Like I said, throughout the first trimester and the second I felt super good. Except feeling super lazy and tired I can really enjoy my pregnancy and I am super grateful about that.

From the first moment I knew I was pregnant I had a strong feeling it was going to be a little boy. I don’t know why, just a strong feeling. So with 15 weeks we had booked an ultra sound to find our the gender. After looking and searching for quite a while we found out we are expecting a little boy! We already have a name and a nickname: GinoBaby, so I won’t make a mistake and say the name out loud. (something that would be typically me). So I already am looking for baby clothes which is the CUTEST thing everrrr and looking for some baby room inspiration which I will share on my blog soon.

Despite the fact it has been very silent on my blog lately I really wanted to share this news with you because we are over the moon and I am blogging for so many years. I will try to update you guys more regularly on this space about my pregnancy, decorating the baby room, outfits etc. I’m so sorry for being a bad blogger the past few months, I guess I needed some new inspiration to write about so voila, we made a baby! Haha, just kidding 😉

Speak soon lovelies!!

Xxxx Rosanna

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