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LAST Friday my collaboration with Sacha finally was out in the open!! So happy I could finally share this collaboration with you, designing a shoe for such a big company was a dream come true! When Sacha asked me what kind of shoe i wanted to design I immediately knew I wanted to design a shoe I personally want to wear every day. Since I’m not a heel kinda girl I knew I wanted to design a tough ankle bootie with a cool cut out detail and a buckle! And this is the result! I’m so happy with it and I am really curious what you think of the result!

Last Friday we’ve celebrated this launch during the kick off of Amsterdam Fashion Week at Mister Kitchen. Such a surreal experience seeing huge posters with me on it. So thankful for this experience and I really hope you like the result! Let me know! I want the thank everyone who came to the event and all the sweet comments and tweets, you’re the best!!

The boot is available online and in store right now!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Boots // Sacha


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