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WHEN I want to wear an all black/grey/white outfit, I always try to play with diffferent textures, materials or patterns to make it more fun and interesting. Like this outfit, I’m wearing a simple black jeans and gilet so the sheer polkadot blouse stands out! And what makes this outfit even more fun and cool (duh) is the fact that I have a piercing (OMG) I really wanted a Helix for a long time and finally got the guts (and good friend) to do it! So we went together last Thursday! Luckily it didnt hurt that much, though cookie that I am (not) But right now it’s a bit swollen en red and hurts! Hopefuly it soon gets better and heals fast!

Hope you like the outfit and wish you a lovely day! I also want to thank you for your feedback about my last post. Feeling totally inspired again! All of your ideas/request are always welcome!
I’m wearing:

Zara // Top

H&M Trend // Waistcoat (similair here)

Zara // Jeans (similair here)

Adidas // Superstars

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