It has been awfully silent on Billie Rose Blog the past few weeks. I used to post every single day and that’s not really the case for the past few weeks .. To be honest, I didn’t felt inspired. All the outfit posts I have been posting, the occasional beauty post and a random video here and there. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, not post to “just post” but reflect and take the time to feel inspired again.

There are SO many bloggers/online influencers these days it’s overwhelming. And the fact that a lot of people don’t read blogs anymore but only follow bloggers on social media really de-motivated me to be honest. To keep a blog up and running, providing you guys with inspiring post really cost so much time. Time I love to devote to it because I still love my job as being a blogger, but I feel like time is changing.

So I have been thinking which direction I wanted to go with my blog, and that started with finding a niche. One of the most important things as being a blogger is to have a certain niche, something that makes your blog unique. And that’s a difficult question since there are a lot of “fashion, beauty and lifestyle” bloggers out there. I have thought about it for a long time, spoke to a lot of people with a new idea I had and I can’t wait to share it with you very very soon. Something new, something fun and something very (like VERY) close to my heart.

Another thing I want is to keep things real, fun and relaxed. Creating content that’s relatable, like how blogs actually began. No, I’m not taking my pictures in my backyard again 😉 But share my everyday outfits at cool locations like I always do, share more of my personal life, thoughts, favourite places etc. And with a new change comes a new blog layout! I have been working on this for so long and can’t wait to share the result with you.

I also started with uploading more video’s regularly (twice a week to be precise). For realzz this time and I enjoy doing it SO much. I love the creative aspect of it in terms of editing and filming. A new creative challenge! You can subscribe to my channel here, it’s in Dutch but I will also post lookbooks regularly!

So that’s how i feel about blogging the past few weeks. Hope you guys will understand! Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that I do everything alone. Luckily I have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world that helps me out, but I have no colleagues to talk about this, to brainstorm with and to inspire each other.

If you have suggestions about things you would love to see on my blog please let me know! You have no idea how valuable that is! Also a BIG thank you to those who have been sticking around, take the time to go to my blog and read. It really means a lot to me!

Wish you all a lovely day, and speak very very soon! 

Xx rosanna

I’m Wearing Shirt H&M Trend / Skirt Pinko / Hat Lack of Color / Sandals Zara / Bag Proenza Schouler










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  • Hey Rosanna..
    First of all I want to tell you not to ever EVER stop posting online either it’s on instagram, blog or youtube. I always like to see what you’re up to, especially your lifestyle, it’s so interesting. I even watch your youtube videos even though I don’t speak Dutch! This was just a reminder for you to see how much you inspire others worldwide 🙂
    So, it’s good that you have noticed the big change that social media are now more important than the blog itself and that the youtube are getting bigger and bigger especially vlogs 😉 I would suggest keep posting daily things from your life and maybe focus even more on youtube. Consider doing the “vlogmas” which is very interesting and I think this will bring more audience to you 🙂 As for your site, it would be great to still post regularly (when you are inspired and want to). I think there is still “life” into it if you take for example Kenza’s blog, who posts daily even now and has a huge audience.

    I hope I helped you a little bit 🙂
    Maria xX

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this lovely and uplifting comment Maria, like I said it means so much to me and really motivates to continue blogging! Making my blog more personal is a thing I want to do for a long time so it’s time to actually start posting more of my personal life! Much love!! X Rosanna

  • I love reading your blog so I can’t wait for what’s coming next! Btw: gorgeous outfit!

    • Thank you so much Jolien, so happy to hear! X

  • Emma

    Hi Rosanna,
    thanks for the inspiring post, I am not a blogger but I can imagine it is hard to always create new content on your own without a whole team to share your thoughts with. I have been following you for about 3 years now and the reason I sticked around is because you are genuine, you dare to be yourself and you don’t wear just designer extremely expensive stuff but always keep to yourself. I completely understand that you have to work together with brands in order to pay the bills. The funny thing is that I can easily pick the posts that are truly you and the posts that are sponsored. The posts that are (mostly) you are so inspiring and cool in a normal relaxed way and just genuine. The reason I’m saying this is because I wanted to tell you that all the things you create inspire me (and probably a lot of others too) because I can relate, I’m a student, 25 years old, living in Amsterdam, interested in fashion, interior, traveling, photography, floors etc but also the real stuff like struggling with your job/study or other things in life. So all you have to do to inspire others is be yourself. I know it sounds easier than it is. Maybe it is nice for you to know that I went to Lisbon this summer with my boyfriend and we had a cocktail at the Pharmacy bar which you recommended in one of you vlogs, we sat there and I told my boyfriend how nice it is that a girl/woman I can relate to takes the time to share her experiences and that because of that we can have a nice experience (and cocktail) as well. So all I wanted to say is, be yourself because you are awesome! Regards, Emma

  • I’m so glad that you mentioned you were active on Youtube, and that it was a Dutch Youtube!! I’m from Holland but don’t live there so it’s great to see everything familiar. I’ve been struggling to find a balance of blog posts and video posts, my blog has really taken a back seat ever since I realized how important video-making is for my creativity. Now it seems my blog will be the “behind the scenes” and “extras” of my Youtube channel? I don’t know, I don’t like to plan and structure, I just want to ride out and see. Anyway, my point is that I can understand the difficulty and I wish you the very best with content creation!! Can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with!

    Much Love!
    -Stephanie Eva

  • Marith

    I never really comment on any blogposts of anyone, but here I felt I had to, simply because I want to “help out” someone I’ve been following for the past four (!) years.

    Over the last couple of years or so I’ve noticed that the blogging world has changed a bit. More and more bloggers seem to be making a shift from having a blog as their hobby, to turning it in to a full-time business. In a way that’s a good thing: you (and others) can make money with the thing you love doing most – blogging – and we, as your readers, know that you’ll post great quality content on a regular basis. The problem (for me at least) with reading blogs of “full-time bloggers” is that they more and more seem to lack authenticity. When I see a bunch of bloggers post something about the same brand, all in the same week, I know it’s sponsored content and even though lots of them say they’ll only post about stuff they actually like/use themselves, it just doesn’t feel as sincere as it would’ve back in the days when blogging was more of a hobby for everyone. Of course I understand that the ads and sponsored posts are what bloggers earn most money from, but I simply miss the feeling sometimes of reading a blog of a “real” person who has decided what to wear based on what she liked, rather than based on what she has gotten from some brand. I’m therefore really glad you mentioned wanting to keep your blog relatable, because to me, at this point, your blog still very much is (with the odd exception here and there).

    Anyway, apart from that shift (from “real life” to more and more sponsored content) Youtube also seems to be getting more and more popular amongst bloggers. Some of them even admitted that they find Youtube more important now, simply because it’s hard to make money from just their blog. Even though I love watching videos, I still rather read a blog and scroll through pretty pictures. Therefore seeing more and more blogs slowly “dying out” (I Covet Thee and Hello October being some big examples) makes me sad. If I wouldn’t watch their videos, I’d “hear” from them maybe once a month when they decide to post something, probably only because they feel like they have to. It’s a bit like losing a friend, because they used to posts almost daily and give an insight into their lives, whereas now they’re just not there anymore – or they are, but just in videos. I really hope that won’t be the case with you, because I find your content super inspiring and I’d miss your blog A LOT if you’d eventually focus on Youtube completely.

    Things I love (and have loved for the past four years) about your blog are the fact that you, despite some sponsored content, seem real, authentic, and down to earth. Even though I see that you’re wearing more and more expensive stuff, you still have a very inspiring and “accessible” style that feels easy to recreate. I also love how you give us as your readers an insight into your life: when you’re travelling, when you’re having a day strolling through town or when you go to an event (even though that’s probably sponsored too ;-)). What I love to see on your blog? My number one posts are definitely your outfit posts. They’re incredibly inspiring and I save them often on Bloglovin’ hoping to recreate them one day 🙂 I also love to see travel posts, hauls, your weekly #OOTD diary… Things I’d love to see (returning) on your blog? Maybe a weekly diary with random snapshots of what you’ve been up to, hotspots, personal posts about things you think about, beauty reviews. Just stuff you would’ve posted a few years back when blogging wasn’t your full-time job yet. And don’t get me wrong: I love seeing some of that stuff on Youtube! It really adds something to your blog, and your videos look great. I simply love blogs more than videos, that’s all. I love to scroll through inspiring pictures, saving the odd one here so that I can easily look at it again at a later stage. That just isn’t as easy with a video.

    What I want to say is: keep up the great work, and I really, really hope you can find (/keep) a nice balance between blogging and doing Youtube. As you mentioned in this post: keep it casual, as it was a few years back. Try to focus on nice content but don’t let it become artificial and “fake”. I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that it’s more fun to follow someone who seems like a normal person who could be your friend or colleague, than someone who just walked out of ELLE magazine, all dressed up in fancy stuff and with the perfect makeup.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing now! I’m excited to see what you have in store for us though. I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I find your blog awesome, that you’re definitely one of my biggest favorites out there in the blogging world and that I hope you’ll keep the combination of blogging regularly + doing the odd Youtube video going the way you do now.

    • Dear Marith,

      First of all, thank you so much for your time to leave me a comment with your wonderful feedback and HUGE compliments. You have no idea how much that means to me. These kind of comments give me so much motivation and energy to continue doing what I love to do. I completely understand your feedback about keeping things real and relatable. I follow a lot of blogger as well and that’s also something I really miss. As you perfectly described it, you miss a friend. Someone you related to and inspired you. So that’s a thing I would love to change, or go back to like how i started my blog. Due to your lovely comment you totally confirmed this feeling I had, so thank you! Thank you for sticking around for 4 years, it means so much to me! Lot’s of love, Rosanna

  • Filipa Gouveia

    Hi thereQ

    I´ve been following you for the past 4 years I believe and your blog is definitely one of my favorites! You have a very relaxed and cool style that I really identify myself with 🙂

    I dont have a blog but I really understand where you are coming from. I love your youtube channel and I watch every video despite the fact that I dont understand a word of Dutch (I´m Portuguese) and I hope you can find a balance between the two platforms (the blog and the channel). Please consider adding English subtitles, I would love to understand what you are saying 🙂

    My favorite types of posts/videos are outfits (of course!! love your style), beauty tutorials and your videos/posts about your life, everyday routines, travels, etc.

    Tips on how to work from home and/or a freelancer would be great since I also am I freelancer and I usually work from home which can be a bit lonely.

    Can´t wait to see what you have prepared for us 😉


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and wonderful tips Filipa! Such a big compliment to hear you are following my blog for such a long time, thank you! Where in Portugal do you live? I’m a big fan of your beautiful country and hope to visit again soon! Enjoy your Sunday <3 Xx Rosanna

  • Karlijn

    Ik volg je via instagram, snapchat en YT. Leuk ook dat je laatst reageerde op mijn snap die ging over jouw highlighter ?? Ik vind je outfits altijd erg mooi en haal er veel inspiratie uit! Ook je reistips zijn super fijn. Ik ben recent naar Lissabon geweest en heb genoten van jouw Lissabon vlogs! Xx Karlijn

  • Laura Vonk

    Ik vind je blog en foto’s zo fijn en uniek! Evenals je stijl trouwens. Nooit stoppen! PLS! Haha. X

    • Wat super lief!!! Dankjewel Laura, ik ga zeker niet stoppen met bloggen! Maar soms loop je even vast (na 6 jaar bloggen) en dan is het zo fijn om jullie lieve comments te lezen, dat geeft mij echt motivatie om lekker verder te gaan! X

  • Emma

    Hi Rosanna,
    I’ve left a very long comment last week but I’ve deleted it accidently oops! Just wanted to say that I have been following your blog for about 3 years now and I find your blog very inspiring, genuine, and relatable (I’m a 25 year old student living in Amsterdam with a lot of the same interests)! I can imagine it is hard sometimes with all those picture perfect accounts on instagram flying around, just remember that you have your own specific style and way of blogging which me (and a lot of others too) LOVE! Regards, Emma

    • Hi Emma, I was looking for your comment but couldn’t find it anymore. Thank you so much for posting it again, it was so lovely to hear you enjoyed your cocktails at Pharmacia on my recommendation! That’s just the best thing to hear! Thank you so much for your sweet words, they really motivated to continue what I love to do and that’s blogging! Lots of love, Rosanna

      • Emma

        I’m glad you’ve read the comment before it was gone! Whenever you feel demotivated or uninspired you can always ask on your blog for us/me to comment some ideas to help you! So happy to hear that commenting helps, I actually never comment so I will start doing that more! 🙂