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DO you recognize the feeling of being homesick? And I don’t mean home sick to your actual home but your home away from home? A.k.a a hotel in a city you loved, a place you felt like home and never want to leave again. Well it’s kind of a familiar feeling for me. When I’m having the time of my life in a certain city or a hotel I loved, the moment I come back at home I get stomach pain thinking about it.. It’s the feeling I imagine of being homesick. And it’s not like I don’t love being in my own apartment in Amsterdam again, there’s really no need to complain! It’s just the fact I really loved being in NYC, and staying at the CitizenMhotel.. the cosy room, amazing bed with a beautiful view to wake up to, nice breakfast, stunning interior and super friendly people who worked there.. I was very lucky to have experienced it all but please.. Take me back!!

Enjoy your weekend, I’m recovering from a major jetlag on my couch surounded by a lot of candles. X

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