YAY to celebrate the weekend and #BillieRoseBday month it’s time for a new giveaway! I’m giving away to sets of super cute bracelets from 4 Ever With Everyone a super cute brand with millions of pretty handmade bracelets! It’s one Silver set and one Golden set of 5 bracelets. Perfect accessory for this summer, right?

What to you have to do?

1. Leave a comment with your name + email address so I can contact you and let me know if you prefer the Silver or Golden set!

2. To increase your chance of winning #regram, share or retweet the picture I posted on instagram with the hashtag #billierosebday

3. Make sure to follow the pretty Instagram account of @4everwitheveryone

Tomorrow I’m going to announce all the winners of the giveaways I did so far. There are a couple more to come though so keep an eye out on Billie Rose Blog!

Enjoy your weekend sweeties!!

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  • Laura Vonk

    AH IK DOE MEE! Wil ze zo graag ♡

  • Alyssa

    My name is Alyssa. I’ve been looking for bracelets like this! Would love to win. My email is Thanks!

  • Maus Marthe

    great giveaway! I prefer the golden one

  • Anneke
  • Ksyusha T.

    I’d love to win~~

  • Femke

    These bracelets are soo cute, I’m in love with them? I really like your giveaways and your blog is just perfect!
    Femke Vermaas

  • Diolifestyle

    Prachtige armbanden! Ik doe mee voor de gouden kleurige armbandjes! ZO leuk! Dionne Knooren,

  • Laura

    De giveaways blijven maar komen!! Super leuk! De zilveren hebben mijn voorkeur. Laura –

  • Oeeh, weer zo’n leuke winactie, ik doe graag mee! 🙂

    xx Alex //

  • Shara Diesta

    Cute accessories. Yaay.
    Shara Mae Diesta

  • denisevN

    Lovely set of armcandy!
    I would like to join this giveaway. Ill prefer the gold set.
    X Denise

  • Cheryl

    My arms wanna party…ik doe mee voor de gouden set.

  • judith

    Thanks for the chance hun, my name is Judith & my email is / I’m a big fan of gold so I’ll definitely pick the gold

  • Sim Duurhm

    I spy DREAMER op een van de bracelets in het rose gouden setje, dus ik kies daarvoor

  • Charissa

    Rose en gouden armcandy voor een armparty ben ik altijd in voor. Dus goudenset aub.

  • Chantal Spruijt

    Wow! I’d like to win of those beautiful sets!♡ I prefer the Goldon set because it makes me think of the summer with it’s perfect lazy days on the beach, and I love those days!♡
    Chantal Spruijt

  • Mariana Raposo

    Silver! (Amazing giveaway by the way!)
    Mariana Raposo

  • Shara Diesta

    Gotta choose the silver set. So cute.
    Shara Diesta