I’m sorry guys for this very cliché shot of me in front of the Eiffeltower but I just had to.. Hope you understand, haha! I’m wearing a couple of wardrobe essentials I want to show you and talk to you guys about. Now we are officially in the midst of Fall it’s time to change the wardrobe and today I’m sharing my current Fall essentials with you!

Voila! Your looking at it, I’m wearing my Fall essentials in this outfit. I found the perfect woolen checked blazer at H&M Trend 2 weeks ago and it’s perfect to wear on top of knitwear now the temperatures are still pretty warm. It also has the perfect oversized fit and it’s perfectly long so it covers the bum. Another staple are loafers, in my opinion the most classic shoe out there. And yes, Gucci has some amazing ones in their collection but there are also a lot of budget friendly options! I opted for Gold metallic because, why not? But you can never go wrong with black leather.

Let’s talk about jeans, how difficult is it to find the perfect one? Every body shape is so different so my only advise is to try loads of different shapes, sizes and models. You will find the perfect one, I promis. I found this pair of jeans at H&M Trend and they fit like a glove. Finally found a high waisted jeans that fits nicely.

Today I need to start packing my bags because we leave very early in the morning to Italy tomorrow! Super excited! So follow me around on insta&snapchat to follow me around. (@billieroseblog)

Have a nice day guys and speak soon!!

Xx Rosanna

I’m Wearing H&M Trend Blazer and Jeans / Zara Blouse / Celine Bag / Gucci Loafers / Rayban Sunnies










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