THE only reason I jump out of my bed every morning is because of my soy latte and delicious breakfast! Sometimes in bed when I’m naughty but most of the time in my window in the living room which is my favorite place to start my day enjoying the view.

I make my morning coffee with almond drink, I love the creamy taste. Because I’m a very impatient person (and don’t really love spending my hours in the kitchen) I always opt for a breakfast that is quick and easy yet super duper tasty. So most of the time it’s either oatmeal or a plant based alternative to yoghurt. Last week I received a new product from Alpro called ‘Alpro Go On‘. A delicious, creamy plant  based alternative to quark. I love to add some berries, walnuts, dark chocolate flakes and honey.

The fact I personally opt for a plant-based breakfast using soy products is because I wanted to experience what it does to my body to quit with cowmilk because I always suffer with stomach ache. When I first tried Soy products I really had to get used to the sweet taste. But after a little while I’m totally used to it and even prefer it instead of cowmilk. A benefit also is that soy is unusual in that it’s a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids rather than just some of them, as most plant sources do. Another big bonus is that it’s much better to use plant-based products like soy for the environment because it need less water and co2 to produce it rather than cow-milk.

I’m very curious what your go-to breakfast is? Any tips or recommendations?

Have a lovely day!!

Xx Rosanna

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  • Love this post, it’s so me! I drink either soya or almond milk in the morning and tend to make porridge using water and organic large rolled oats, dress it up with some honey, flaxseed, banana and strawberries. Keeps me going for a few hours!