It’s time to show you guys why I went to Paris fashion Week last weekend. I was super lucky to be invited by Keune to create a backstage report for their social channels and to make a BIG report on my blog about all the backstage madness and beautiful hair creations chef de cabin Ilham Mestour and her team (hairstylist from 9 different countries) created. So here it is, a big fat report of 3 beautiful shows and hair looks. Curious to hear your favorite!



On Sunday we started our day early in the morning in sunny Paris. We headed to Peet Dullaert and started backstage. The show was held at Atelier Néerlandais which was a beautiful location. Backstage was so busy and crowded but floating with positive energy and adrenaline. The hair stylists were busy creating braids to create beautiful little waves in the hair. They prepped the hair with their famous Blend prep spray (which is awesome btw) and used a lot of Blend seasalt spray and volume powder to create texture. They used a hairpin in the middle braid and kept the rest of the hair loose. The models were very androgyne which was a super interesting contrast with the dreamy collection.




After a long day in the city we went to the show of Esteban Cortazar on Monday. The location was stunning! Across the Seine at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. It was huge and the venue looked beautiful. Ilham wanted to keep the hair very natural, they didn’t used any brushes or styling tools but worked with their hands and the natural hair of the models. On some models they created a super cool low and messy bun. They used a lot of the Blend volume powder to create texture and worked with 1 meter long elastic they randomly placed in between the hair to create a bun. Such a cool take on such a classic and simple hairstyle. Super easy to recreate so I think I need to run to a fourniture store to try this hairstyle myself!

The collection was inspired by a trip to India together with his mom and he was inspired by the beautiful landscapes but also by the school attires of the young kids. The beautiful saris but also the bomber jackets and the sweaters they wrapped around. I always love to hear where the inspiration comes from to create a new collection, and this is the perfect example that inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look around you.



On our last day in Paris we went to the Mira Mikati presentation in the afternoon somewhere at Le Marais. I was super curious to see the collection and it really positively surprised me. But first let’s talk about what happened backstage! Well, not much actually. It was super relaxed since there were only 5 models. The hair was again super natural and soft. They accentuated the beauty of the models hair by spraying a lot of the Blend Gloss Spray to keep the hair looking fresh and shiny! A tiny bit of the Blend volume powder for some texture but that was it! The models were so pretty and sweet and the whole backstage vibe was so positive!

Which brings me to the presentation. The fashion world can be really harsh sometimes. I wonder why because in my opinion it supposed to be fun! They are not saving lives or anything so sometimes I really miss accessibility and positivity. Well, that’s what the Mira Mikati presentation was all about. Fun music, colorful collection with lot’s of prints, fun patches, sequins and eclairs and fresh juices for everyone! The models walked around with fun boards with quotes and seem to have a good time with each other! Definitely the highlight of our trip to Paris!

I hope you enjoyed this backstage report, on Sunday I will show you guys our VLOG from our trip to Paris including some behind the scenes footage. A massive THANK YOU to the team of Keune for this amazing opportunity, it was so much fun to join the team in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed and wish you a happy Friday!

Lot’s of love, Rosanna

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