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I’m Wearing Carin Wester Blazer / H&M Trend Top / FWSS Skirt / Zara Bag / Adidas Stannies / Saint Laurent Sunnies

I guess the title and the pictures say enough, right? I am so SUPER happy with my new blog, and so excited for all the new things to come! Including all the little surprises I have for you guys. It’s time to give something back to you, my loyal readers, with some pretty amazing presents! As a BIG FAT thank you for reading my blog, your sweet comments and messages on my blog and Social Media accounts. I just really want to let you know how much I appreciate every single one of you. <3

PH / Milan Gino


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  • Charlotte

    Classy, mooi!

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    Loooove deze outfit! Zo mooi als dat grijs <3


  • Natasja

    Heel mooi zo’n grijze look!

  • Wauw prachtige look!