16 favorite moments of 2016

SO I know we’re already in 2017 but it’s just so much fun to look back at favorite moments from time to time. Like flipping through an old photo album. And since it’s only the 2nd of January why not share my 16 favorite moments of 2016 with you guys.

A lot of those moments are trips with Milan, especially our trip to Bali back in July. We never been to Asia before so it made a huge impact and we can not wait to come back soon. Ok, I’m rambling now.. Let’s start with my favorite moments of 2016 in a random order.

1.One of the first moments that popped up in my head was my birthday surprise in Lisbon. Milan arranged a beautiful sunset tour on a sail boat on the Tagus river. The temperature was amazing, the staff of the boat incredible nice and with the sun setting behind the hills of our favorite city made the perfect 28th birthday surprise I will remember for ever and ever.

2. We had a great summer here in the Netherlands, and summer days in Amsterdam are just the best. I loved waking up early in the weekends and going out for a coffee and a croissant on the terrace of our favorite places.

3. A huge milestone was in March, the 17th to be exact. Milan and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary in our favorite Paris. When we stepped into our beautiful hotel room and found lot’s of rose petals laying on the floor and our favorite pastries with our names on top of it with a bottle of champagne and the sweetest welcome card on the bed. We had an amazing weekend and it’s crazy to think this year it’s going to be our 11th. We’re getting old!!

4. One of the best gifts I received in 2016 were tickets to see my favorite band Coldplay. My mom treated my brother, me and herself to tickets for the concert back in June and it was one of the highlights of the year. Hearing my favorite songs live was just the best thing ever!

5. Sleeping at the most beautiful hotel in the world, strolling through the mysterious souks, having diner in the desert with influencers from all over the world and getting extremely spoiled pretty much sums up my trip with Clinique to Marrakech back in September. This trip was by far the best press trip ever, loved spending time with the girls and enjoying the activities they planned for us. One of those’s “pinch me please” moments. Can I do it all over again please?

6. Our trip to Bali was a huge highlight this year. Our first trip to Asia ever! We had an unforgettable time at this beautiful island. It was one big adventure traveling around for a month. Taking the scooter and drive through the beautiful nature, that’s pure freedom to me. Would love to come back in 2017, if only to see my best friend Sabine again who lives there for probably another year..

7. Quality time with my best friend and her little baby girl. Although she lives at the other side of the country we always try to see each other as often as possible. <3

8. On our 10th anniversary I surprised Milan with a picnic at Champs de Mars. With a view at the Eiffel tower on a sunny March day it was just so romantic! The food was SO delicious and despite the total picture looked like on big fat cliche we enjoyed every single minute of it. <3 If you have something to celebrate in Paris (or just want to treat yourself, you should definitely book this picnic)

9. The crazy nights with my brother in Amsterdam. Most of the time with Milan joining us and a little too much wine. Ending up with the 3 of us riding on Milan his super tiny vintage scooter laughing out loud and making a LOT of noise. 3 weirdo’s on a scooter.. To many more nights like these!

10. Cycling along the coast line of paradise called Gili Trawangan. Lunch on the beach at Casa vintage and doing absolutely nothing but staring at the light blue crystal Blue sea. How I miss this beautiful place!

11. Speaking of Bali.. One of my favorite nights was our last night. Dining at Dandelion in Changu with my bestie and her incredibly nice room mates. We laughed so hard about life in Bali, how nice it is but also you have to have a LOT of patience. The food was so good and loved the cosy restaurant in the middle of the rice fields..

12. Being invited very last minute to hop on the train with Giorgio Armani Beauty to attend the launch of a beautiful new line in Paris definitely was a highlight and a big recognition as a blogger as well. A beautiful party at the Grand Palais with a view at the Eiffel Tower. Will never forget this..

13. That moment when Milan thought it would be a fun idea to ride to the sea side from Amsterdam to Bloemendaal. He though it was going to be an ONE hour drive but it turned out to be 2,5 hours. A very painful bum and a little fight about the miscalculation later we arrived on a very VERY cold beach where we had to leave after an hour because we were dressed way too cold. Not a fun day but after all we laughed SO hard about it that it made me realize moments like these are the ones that you will remember forever and laugh about for a long time!

14. Hop on the plane to our absolute number 1 favorite city: New York! Our second time visiting together and again the best few days in my life. The weather was amazing, all the trees were in bloom and the complete freedom to do whatever we wanted.. My favorite day of our trip was our day spend in Greenwich Village. Our favorite area in the city. Strolling around the beautiful streets, eating cupcakes on the stairs of the gorgeous apartments, strolling around a little more and enjoying every minute of being there. How I miss this place so much. (*Checking tickets to go back in April as we speak..*)

15. Our little road trip to Italy can’t miss in this list either. From Verona to Firenze, Firenze to Venice and from Venice back to Verona. It was such a great trip! Especially that afternoon after walking around for hours to find a authentic Italian place to have lunch we ended up at one of the best little hidden gems ever. A family restaurant with an Italian mama cooking homemade pasta which was SO delicious. Milan and I are super picky when it comes to restaurants. We want to find the places where the locals eat instead of the fancy restaurants. So this one was a lucky find!

16. Our stay at the Four Seasons in Lisbon was again unforgettable. We were so lucky to be invited to celebrate my 28th birthday. With the best birthday brunch I could ever wished for on the terrace with champagne and lot’s of pastries and the big surprise Milan arranged for us it was the best birthday ever!

It was so hard to just choose 16 moments. Looking back it’s safe to say 2016 treated me well, very well! I think it’s one of my favorite years ever and I feel truly blessed and super thankful to be able to have experienced it all.

Thank you so much for reading, wish you a great start of the first week of 2017!! 

Lot’s of love, Xxx

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    Wat gaaf dat je dit mocht doen! en zien natuurlijk.. die pilaren.. die foto wauw! en waar je vriend aan het stuur staat die foto is ook onwijs tof! Ik wens je alle goeds in 2017! enjoy the world!